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Transform blank walls into brand experiences with FPL Signs' Interior Wall Graphics. Ideal for reception areas, hallways, and offices, our custom wall graphics serve both decorative and functional purposes. From enhancing brand identity to providing directional cues, our wall graphics are designed to seamlessly integrate with your interior decor. Make a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike with our high-quality, durable wall graphics

Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics offer a multitude of benefits, from elevating brand identity to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space. They serve as cost-effective advertising tools, providing constant brand exposure. Additionally, wall graphics are versatile, easily updated, and can be customised to fit any design or message.


Experience the transformative power of wall graphics in creating a more engaging and functional environment

large wall decals and graphics for offices from FPL Signs
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Window Graphics

Custom Wallpaper

Custom wallpaper allows you to transform your interior spaces with tailored designs that reflect your brand's ethos. Unlike standard wallpaper, custom options enable you to incorporate logos, brand colors, and specific messaging, serving as a subtle yet effective form of in-house advertising.


Easy to install and replace, custom wallpaper offers a flexible solution for keeping your decor fresh and aligned with any branding updates. Make a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike with custom wallpaper that speaks volumes about your brand

Office custom wall paper and graphics from FPL Signs
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Wall graphics can serve as a constant visual reminder of your brand's message, logo, and colors

Wall graphics are easy to install and can be removed without damaging the underlying surface, making them ideal for temporary or seasonal promotions

Wall graphics can turn unused wall space into effective advertising or informational platforms

FPL Signs Sustainability


FPL Signs are passionate about  sustainability and are proud to offer a sustainable signage solution to our customers.

With a continuously growing range of materials and products and a sustainable approach to our business practices, FPL Signs can offer a greener signage solution to you and your business.

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