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Flat-cut letters and logos offer a streamlined and modern approach to business signage. Ideal for businesses seeking a minimalist yet impactful visual presence, these signs are precisely cut to your specifications. Made from a variety of durable materials like acrylic, metal, or wood, flat-cut letters and logos are versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor applications. Their sleek design allows for easy integration into various architectural styles, making them a go-to choice for corporate offices, retail spaces, and more.

Wall Graphics

Flat Cut Letters and Logos

Flat-cut letters and logos provide a sleek, modern look for your business signage.


Made from durable materials, these signs are versatile for indoor and outdoor use. Customisable in various colours and finishes, they effectively convey your brand identity.

3d raised and flat cut Letters and Logo signage
Window Graphics

3D Built Up Letters & Logos

3D built-up letters and logos offer a dynamic, eye-catching way to showcase your brand. Crafted from high-quality materials, these signs add depth and impact to any setting, making your business stand out. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, they are a long-lasting investment in your brand's visibility

Built Up Logos for offices and businesses from FPL Signs Farnborough

Do you NEEd HELP 
designing your signage?

Unlock the full potential of your signage with FPL Signs expert Design Service.


Our team of skilled designers work closely with you to create custom bespoke signage solution that not only meet your functional needs but also aligns with your brand's aesthetic. From initial concept to final design, we ensure your signage effectively communicates your message and elevates your brand

FPL Signs Sustainability


FPL Signs are passionate about  sustainability and are proud to offer a sustainable signage solution to our customers.

With a continuously growing range of materials and products and a sustainable approach to our business practices, FPL Signs can offer a greener signage solution to you and your business.

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