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Tailored Signage Solutions for Every Industry

With FPL Signs

At FPL Signs, we understand that each business sector has its unique signage needs and challenges. From the dynamic demands of Retail and the robust requirements of Construction, to the welcoming atmospheres of Hospitality & Leisure and the informative spaces of Education; we cater to them all.


Our expertise extends to Healthcare, ensuring patient-friendly environments, and Professional Services, enhancing corporate branding. We also collaborate closely with Local Authorities and Council Offices, providing signage that meets both aesthetic and regulatory standards


In the competitive world of retail, effective signage is paramount. At FPL Signs, we craft retail signage that not only captures attention but also resonates with your brand's ethos and the expectations of your clientele.


From window displays that entice passersby to in-store graphics that guide and inform, our signage solutions enhance the shopping experience and drive sales. Utilising the latest design trends and materials, we ensure that each sign is both visually appealing and durable, standing up to the demands of a bustling retail environment. Elevate your store's presence and make a lasting impression with our bespoke retail signage solutions.

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Construction Signage Boards from FPL Signs


At FPL Signs, we recognise the unique challenges and requirements of the construction sector when it comes to signage. Essential for both safety and site identification, our signs are designed to be robust and clear.


Our hoarding signage serves a dual purpose of securing the site and providing an opportunity for impactful branding or showcasing upcoming developments. With a keen understanding of the construction industry's demands, we deliver signage solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing

Education School and College Signage and Wall Graphics from FPL Signs


In educational environments such as schools, colleges, and universities, clear and impactful signage is essential. At FPL Signs, we offer a diverse range of solutions tailored for these institutions.


Our wayfinding signage ensures students and visitors navigate campuses and buildings with ease. Vibrant banners highlight events, achievements, or important announcements, while wall graphics can transform spaces into inspiring learning environments or showcase school pride. From directional signs to decorative elements, our comprehensive offerings cater to the multifaceted needs of the education sector, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Wall Graphics and Signage from FPL Signs Farnborough
Shop Front Signage and Signs from FPL Signs


In the vibrant sectors of hospitality and leisure, creating the right ambiance and ensuring smooth guest experiences are paramount. At FPL Signs, we specialise in delivering signage solutions tailored to these industries.


Our wayfinding signage guides guests seamlessly through resorts, hotels, or leisure centres, enhancing their overall experience. Eye-catching banners and swing banners promote special events or offers, capturing attention and driving engagement. Meanwhile, our bespoke wall graphics set the mood, reflecting the unique character of each establishment. Whether it's a spa, a restaurant, or a leisure park, our comprehensive range of signage, from functional to decorative, ensures every guest's journey is memorable and enjoyable

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