1. Click ‘ADD FILE’ to upload the file(s) from your computer.

  2. For best results we recommend you zip your files before uploading them.

  3. The file upload duration speed is dependent on your file size and your internet speed.

  4.  If you close your browser before the files have finished uploading, they will not be sent.

  5. After you have completed choosing your files – click ‘Send’  to submit your files.

  6. After your file has uploaded successfully, you will see a “Upload Complete” message 

    Below are our tips for uploading your files


Upload not working?

If you have any issues with uploading your file, please contact our team on 01252 749470 or email us at office@fplsigns.co.uk

Tips for Preparing Graphic Files

  • We accept both Mac and PC files and can work with virtually any software.

  • To ensure the highest quality output, save your images at 100 – 150ppi (points per inch) at the finished size. Pixel files are .bmp, .tif, .jpg; the preferred format is .tif

  • Files for vinyl output need to contain a Vector image of your sign and/or logo. This means your text and graphics are outlined. Some programs offer an option to save or export text as vectors, curves, paths or outlines. Vector files are .ai, .pdf or .eps

  • Convert all fonts to curves or paths to avoid possible font substitution. This rule goes for all types of files.

  • Save photographic images at 100% of the actual size (when possible)

  • Please embed linked images into the file, when possible.

  • If you are using Adobe Photoshop, we recommend the RGB colour mode for raster files. In Adobe Illustrator, we recommend the CMYK colour mode for vector files.

  • If you are using Quark Xpress, please save the file as a .pdf (File«Export«layout as .pdf).

  • If you are using Corel Draw, please convert the fonts to curves.

  • Include Pantone Colours for your files, or provide a hard copy of the approximate colours desired.

  • Web site graphics are almost always unusable.

  • The total size of all uploaded files should be less than 10MB

  • If you need to send a file with a larger file size, please contact us on 01252 749470 

  • Please do not "CLOSE" the window until the file has been completely uploaded